Sunday, September 22, 2019


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Do you know the Provocateur in Berlin? I am sure you do! After all, it's the city's most notoriously chic and sexy location! Decadent. Glamorous. Mysterious. 
At home around the corner of Berlin's posh Avenue Ku'damm. A specially created fragrance marks the way in. Surrounded by dark walls and dimmed lights you'll spot the charming vintage elevator from 1912, which takes you to your room with lasciviously curved beds, red curtains and a subtle sinful feel, but also travels in time, to another alluring era wehre Fitzgerald meets Coco.
The entire place is totally seductive, the red velvet boudoir interiors designed by Dutchy Saar Zafir, the gold accents, warm wood, weighty, black marble, vintage glamour, tempting timbres, the delicious food and intoxicating drinks, but most of all the scent. An olfactory aura of smoky pine fills the air and lingers in the plush curtains, and throughout the entire Hotel.
Everything has something of Paris' daring 20's mixed with Berlin's urban charme of today. Hôtel Costes & Crazy Horse. A modern muse. Shamelessly sensual. And I love it!

I stop by at least every other month when I am in the area, to have a drink and a chin chilling evening in the city with the girls. And the guys. And Madmoiselle, a delicious cocktail with Tonka and Ruinart, and the famous Hot & Sour soup is my order of choice this season.

This is perfect anyway, since every exhausted shopper welcomes the calm of the Provocateur for refreshments and rosé. At least I do, every time. A few drops la vie Parisienne? Bien sûr!

And if you go on Sundays, no shopping just chilling, you might even find yourself all alone in the beautiful Bar wrapped up in an intimate charming and addictive ambiance, sipping a coup de Champagne and order some delicious bites, which honestly, is my forever favorite time to go. Needless to say, being the most seductive hotel in a city like Berlin, the Provocateur is a place not to be missed!

PS: In the pictures I am wearing a pair of "So Kate" patent leather Heels by Christian Louboutin, Calzedonia tights and L'Agent lingerie.

PPS: For the cherry berry on top, to make your stay even more special, why don't you have a tempting Dinner with "Die Gl'Amouresque's" Burlesque Show in the Cave?



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