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My liaison with Paris has been a long one. This is where I first tasted rose-flavored macarons, had hot chocolate so rich and utterly magnificent I've been lovestruck ever since, and realized that everything I wanted to be was indeed, possible. And it might sound like a cliché, but Paris is beautiful under every weather condition. To be honest, I love it most in autumn. An olfactory blend of your favorite perfume, warm fireplaces and freshly baked pastries lingers in the air. It's truly magical. Elegant, opulent, luxurious, glamorous, mysterious. Like "La Vie en Rose", actually.

Autumn in Paris. Life is magical. We have the most wonderful weather. The sun is shining as beautiful as always but the long shadows are already freezing. And Paris, like Zurich, is a city that unfolds a totally different vibe during the crispier months. It's still warm enough to wear cute outfits under your new seasons' coat ...

And if you are a tourist in a city like Paris, you walk around with your eyes wide open and take yourself on little dates in cute Cafés to admire the cities architecture and be mesmerized by its beauty, even if it rains. But no one should shop and dine alone. A girl always needs a few great friends (or missvoguevoyage)  who's advice she can trust! Perfect that I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things about autumn in Paris. So many in fact, that one trip is hardly enough. Voilà: A sweet little guide to the delicious life and a few drops la vie Parisienne ... 

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I got the spendies. Storming the shops and consuming the classics. The problem is, I always find something, too. Usually, it's a coup de coeur when I overspend on sweet little nothings like I did the other day. And as any Parisienne knows: Perfect matches (or incense for that matter) are made on Rue Saint Honoré. Happily taking home Astier de Villattes brand new creation. Tucson: A perfectly formulated fragrance of spicy sweetness, resinous', rose, something illegal and the warmth of wood. And those Astier de Villatte incense sticks are not only the prettiest I ever came across, but they also cleanse your home energetically. Leaving behind Namche Bazar, Dehli, Awaji & Ayoma for another time. Checking out Maison Michel. Strolling by Hôtel Costes. Stopping at Palais Royal. Smelling my way through Serge Lutens. And swishing all the way to St. Germain, the left bank of the River Seine, for Lingerie and Pierre Hermé, visiting the crazy store Deyrolle & fabulous Bon Marche. Not missing out on Le Marais enjoying Merci & Mariage Frères.

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Round up your new season shopping spree at a Parisian terrace, sip a coup de champagne and dwell in this Indian summer a little longer. There is just something so romantic about this time, so blindingly beautiful how people sit and talk in softly knitted sweaters, soaking up the last bit of warmth, their hands wrapped around a steaming cup of tea watching strangers passing by.

A few of my favorite Cafés to people watch would be Angelina (Jardin Luxembourg)L'Avenue, Le Jardin l'hiver at Hôtel Crillon, CaretteLes Deaux MargotsCafé de Flore (just next door)Fragments, Café Kitsune, Peonies, Pierre Hermé Ladurée. I actually pick up my "Pain du Sucre" at Ladurée on Champs Elysées every morning before heading to the airport with this sweet little roll and a copy of VOGUE Paris.

One of my loveliest Hotel experiences has been at La Réserve. With it's intimate and charming atmosphere it instantly became my favorite Hotel in Paris. It gives me chills every single time. And I've loved every single stay. The service is phenomenal. The interior a comforting blanket. And their gourmet Tea Time a must! I would suggest you to go on a rainy day if you are looking for delicious treats served in a beautiful little universe, the Library, to fully embrace the ambiance. We loved sipping the cities' yummiest hot chocolate listening to soft piano sounds by the beautiful fireplace after a lovely sunny day of shopping, which is why the Library will be my favorite corner of the entire Hotel forever. And I actually wouldn't mind cozying up in a cute cashmere, sipping chocolate chaud like it was my last supper for at least 3 more months. 42 Avenue Gabriel, 75008 Paris

Still hungry? There are plenty of options from the clichés to the classics to my favorite gems: Beefbar ParisCafé de l'HommeLa MarineLas Du FallafelLe Coq Rico. I was quite skeptical walking in at Le Dan Bau's tiny space in the 18 Arr., but the Vietnamese flavors speak for themself. Une bonne soirée! Order truffle pizza at Grazie Mama by Monoprix (52 Rue Rennes, 75006 Paris). Enjoy wit, elegance & extraordinary dinners from the French and Italien Rivera at LouLou's, people-watch at Monsieur Bleu with a magnificent Eiffel Tower view and if in Pigalle, you should always check out the newest addition to the Big Mama Group Pink Mama's incredibly pretty top floor. But book a table in advance to avoid the famous waiting-in-line-forever experience for good food, good cocktails and a beautiful atmosphere, I always do so anyway. 

Staying in? Take away Traiteur Asiatiques (41 Rue du Cherche-Midi & 50 Rue des Abesses) or the yummiest selection of healthy, pure & seasonal super bowls, salads, soups and smoothies from Wild and the Moon and a beautiful box of vanilla macarons, bien sûr! 


I walk more gently than usual under a sky of grey cashmere and heavy raindrops. Watching leaves turn & twist into a crisp sea of warm colors, half art, half mess while strolling in those gorgeously trimmed Parisian parks. To brighten up such dull days why don't you explore the beautiful museums of Paris. This is perfect anyways since every exhausted Parisienne welcomes the calm of Musée de l'Orangerie for Monet and rosé. At least I do every time. Musée d'Orsay is another favorite of mine.

Real-life naked barbie dolls, girls jumping out of cupcakes, stunning little nothings, there is no show that is more dreamlike. And with the sun setting so much earlier why don't you indulge in a modern and playful cabaret of delicate draped lingerie and sparkling lights at Crazy Horse. Just order a bottle of champagne served by attentive boys and enjoy the ride. 

Autumn in Paris. Life is magical. Like in a fairytale actually. Just bring your loved ones with you and plan a cozy glamorous weekend in the city of sparkling lights. I am still so fiercely in love with this city. But with every long-term relationship, we had our ups and downs. Me cheating on Paris with London, or me eating scones for example, but in the end, I know we will be together for life. However, it works you should never let go. And with any good relationship, I guess, that is what matters ...

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  1. This is so perfect and I love your photos!

    - Cielo
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  2. Autumn in Paris looks incredible!

  3. Paris is such a charming city! It's been years since I visited, got to go back very soon.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Simone. Paris actually is! Bisou, Bisou

  5. Thank you so mich Cielo, such words mean the world to me!


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