Sunday, August 30, 2020


I am so excited. And I just can’t hide it. The new season is just a few golden leaves blowing down Berlin town away. And I am nibbling at my freshly manicured fingertips in anticipation of a fantastic new season. But nevermind. It's no secret that I am obsessing year after year about autumn. Autumn is not only the year's last, loveliest smile but also the freshest start to all things new and exciting. New clothes, new relationships, new jobs, new goals all to begin to manifest in these very few months. But I don't sugarcoat shit, I am not Willy Wonka. I've been silent here for a while now. As reality is, as we all know, still very strange. We went from baking banana bread to living through a moment of history within the blink of an eye, seasons passed, it's surreal ...

Some thinking had to be done. And I felt as if I needed to reevaluate my thoughts and feelings. After months and months of sitting still and trying to understand what is going on in the world, with myself and what the future holds, I've come to realize that if I wait to blog until I am ready, all would remain silent, and we can't have that! 

One thing I know for sure is that I adore blogging, writing, and collaboration on creative projects that's only logical for me to finally take life back into my own hands to follow my passions.

Reopening the window to my mesmerizing world in black, white & soft rosé: Mostly writing about places to see, places to shop, places to eat, cool outfits, the love for all things vintage, pretty, pink and sweet, that smell or sparkle or both, help and inspire with light-hearted content and serve a little dose of escapism. Adjusting my direction, to see where life will take me. Wandering between two worlds forevermore to create beauty in the world. That is what I do now to brighten up dull days. So, what's new for me? A lot of things, actually. I now have a cool new layout. The wishlist is great too because it futures all the things I am currently crazy about, as well as stuff I already bought. Some of the items are new, some are vintage, all are must-haves! Plus there will be many more to come. Be excited! But mostly I am glad to be back. And I can't wait to chat with you all again. It brings me so much joy to try to create something inspiring for you. And even though it might feel slightly unnatural at times like this, there are a bunch of exciting things to do, to keep us fervent - if we'd like. Being able to see beauty in absolutely everything, we find the good things within our own bubbles for now. 

I hope that you will enjoy this blog as a fun and entertaining read, a fresh source of ideas and inspiration, a little world of escapism, and our very own view on life. Every Sunday that is, from now ...


  1. Ahhhhhh so happy you Are back and looking forward to all your posts. love and bisou Toni

  2. So proud and so excited for the things to come. 💌

  3. I will be looking forward to all your future posts!

  4. Thank you so much my love! Bisou

  5. Means the world to me Chérie! I hope to make you even prouder.

  6. Happy that you reconnected with your blog! I have the feeling we all baked tons of banana bread this year .. ;) Sending you all the best from the other side of the country!


  7. Caroline Malone02 September, 2020

    Ah welcome back to blogging! I think it's important to take a step back but also it's nice to feel fresh again when you come back to it! xx

  8. Thank you so much my angel sweetheart!

  9. Merci, Caroline. I am glad to be back and hope you'll all enjoy this new source of inspiration. Biosu

  10. Welcome back to blogging :). x

    Zoey |

  11. Welcome back to blogging! I'm loving this layout and the white black and rose theme. Excited to see what you have to come!

    Eileen |

  12. 👏🏼👏🏼

    Des |

  13. I feel this article so much! This world has indeed been weird yet interesting, challenging yet fruitful. I can hear your excitement jumping off of my screen. Welcome back to blogging! It's a wonderful world full of possibilities! x

    She Sweats Diamonds

  14. Blogging is a great way of escapism and taking control of your life. You look beautiful. xx
    Elegant Duchess xx

  15. Awww merci Huong! I am so happy to be back working on creative projects, brings me so much joy. Have a wonderful Sunday. Bisou Xx

  16. Merci, darling! I totally agree, a real world of escapism and so much fun. Thank you so much - I am the most nervous person when it comes to pictures about myself, never in front of the camera always behind. Bisou Xx

  17. Congrats and welcome back to blogging! looking forward to your posts.

  18. It is great that you came back with a whole new layout! It is always a nice feeling - you feel like you are starting fresh and everything :)!

    Nancy ✨


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