Sunday, September 27, 2020


It feels like autumn is coming silently this year, wrapping up the last season with memories of blurring August ... Watching leaves blowing down Berlin town - turn & twist into a sea of warm colors, half art, half mess - while painting the city in haunting hues.

But no whether the weather, every fall and fall, and fall again, the pumpkin patches seem to explode. Where do all these pumpkins actually grow? Given the amount of orange-colored vegetables, I am beginning to think they must be visible from space. Or at least witches' perspective. Note to self: Get the broom and check! So when the annual orange avalanche comes round, every good witch knows: It's time to sashay into the kitchen to help make them dissolve, into delicious pumpkin bread.

Speaking of orange-colored vegetables. My recipe for the fantastic new season? Pumpkin, pearls, and my fabulous new playlist, bien sûr! Cozy autumn days coming up. A time where I'll find myself musing about black lace, lingerie, leather, and la vie en rose. In need to accompany my ritual of welcoming the new season, fashions official new year, not only with delicious treats but also with ambient songs and new looks. Perfect that everything this autumn is très, très me. Pitch black, pale-skinned sensuality, pearly elegance, déliceux, luxurious, glamorous, mysterious. Blood red, seductive & haunting. Like one of those eerie ghost stories, you were never old enough to hear. 

And to be honest, I love being home when the cold whizzes through the city. There's nothing better than a timeless Sunday to escape the day. Creating a cozy atmosphere, lighting some candles, curling up under a soft duvet with a delicious slice of your freshly baked pumpkin bread, listening to old favs, new discoveries, reading, dreaming, and writing: "Bringing back Gossip Girl vibes with elegant headbands and patterned tights, "Making Wonton soup", "Watching the Artist", "Practicing moon spells", "Reading cards", and "Sipping a coup de Champagne at Provocateursto the list of things, I really want to do this season, now that the weather starts to cool down, finally.

My playlist for cuddling at home is a perfect mix of my new favorite songs. I just discovered the duo R.A.D, some tunes are from Hôtel Costes in Paris and some stuff I've heard going out in Berlin. And I bet you gonna like it! Tune in and listen up.


  1. Lisa Autumn01 October, 2020

    Ahhh I love this list! Thank you x

    Lisa |

  2. SundayDahlias01 October, 2020

    Fall is my favorite season and I'm so excited for the cozy times to start as well! The sunday you described sounds perfect!

  3. I am so excited as well! I can't wait for Emily in Paris to start tonight and cosy up this weekend. Bisou

  4. This is such a great playlist! I'm so excited that fall is here!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. I'm usually a summer girl, but this year fall has really won me over!

    Eileen |

  6. Merci Jill!
    Oh absolutely, so excited too!

  7. Aww Eileen, that's fabulous.
    I hope you will have the best season ever. I think especially this year we can enjoy all things cozy a little more, enjoy reading, dreaming and chilling at home to such an extend and dream about new trips in 2021. Which to me is really wonderful.


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