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It’s the season of change. The season where I love to indulge in the finer things in life. Occasionally. Which I did. And it's no secret that I love beautiful things. I love handbags. I love great restaurants. I love getting pretty. I love scented candles. But loving the finer things in life doesn't mean that I am living a glamourous life 24/7. I do not. But I can live life beautifully! And I can dream about the simple life, dream about our future countryside residence with a bunch of silky chickens and enjoy the little beautiful luxuries life has to offer, since the little beautiful moments keep me sane right now. Surrounded by the softness of my home I embraced a strange sense of normality, escaped realism to indulge in the finer things in life, tested a lot of new products, and stumbled upon an amazing number of heartwarming favorites I couldn't wait to share with you. Which turned into the wonderful idea to fill a beautiful box every season and show you all the stuff I am currently crazy about. Our very own beauty box! And this autumn the beauty box is full of Crème de la Crème products, perfect for that post lockdown glamour. Voilà, discover all the mesmerizing things I am currently loving for my skin and overall well being ...



Autumn time is bougie time. And on my wishlist for this season was a fabulous new scent. "Baies'" my September bougie of choice smells like my favorite combination, of rose and black currant! Elegant, glamorous, mysterious, dark and still fresh and fruity, but not too much. Like a garden in the rain. Absolutely wonderful. A creation as elegant as a Tom Ford fragrance. They smell so stunning. I want to buy them all. Which I can't. But I do treat myself to some beautiful hydrangeas and bath salts with almond oil and roses. Of course with matching rosebud soap! A subtle essence of soft damask and sweet vanilla lingers in the air. Everything smells divine! They are handmade by a tiny little Berlin brand called 'Verzaubereien', which means 'Enchantments', and enchanting they are ...


There's nothing more beautiful than doing your make up in the early morning, no rush, listening to French music, sipping rose petal tea ...

Speaking of rose. This season rosa strikes new tones. Pink is the new red. And as you might have guessed, I've overdosed on pink ever since. Imagine me slowly adjusting my lipstick with nature. Transitioning between Summer & Autumn. Changing from nude and natural to softer pinks and berry shades while patiently waiting for the moodier months to come around, to embrace my signature: Pitch black, pale-skinned, mysterious and glamorous D&G inspired vampire look ... And if the pop of pink isn’t to be found on my lips this season, be sure to check out my nails these days.

With a focus on what makes me feel good, I'll just wear a light layer of Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation' or Dior's Forever Skin Glow when I'll go to the office and touch up everything with Bare Minerals bareSkin Concealer' to fix any imperfections. Then for some glow a bit of Chanel's Baume Essential and for the cherry berry on top a pinch of soft rose with Chanel's Rose Glacier on my temples and cheeks. The result is so fresh, quirky and stunning, I think. It so reminded me of Michelle Pfeiffer's character Lea in the hilarious costume drama Chérie. If you haven't seen it already, watch ASAP. Quite inspirational, on every level. Mark my words!


Everyone who knows me knows how much I am obsessing season after season over sweet little nothings! I live for the extraordinary and intense. Fill my home with luxurious candles from Diptyque, Aedes de Venustas, and Cire Trudon. Incense by Astier de Villatte. Exquisite teas. You name it. It's a never-ending romance I get told off for on a weekly basis, eye-rolls involved ... 

But since all I ever wanted is to be devoured by beauty, to make life a living fairytale, I don't ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is a special occasion. And seeing that many people have a hard time spending money on sweet little nothings for themselves I think any of my autumn favorites would make the perfect gift for someone. Just because! It's the products I've been loving and would recommend without hesitation. Performing miracles on a daily basis. A true superhero for colorful makeup is Chanel. They have the most glamorous shades, from nude and natural to fiercely trendy. This September I fell for Chanel's Le Vernis - ÉgérieDiptyque's velvet hand lotion', smells good, absorbs quickly and makes your hands soft and silky. Mariage Frères Matcha. And Fortnum & Masosns Rose Pouchong, my newest obsession, combines the the fine essence of black tea and roses. Just add a spoon of acacia vanilla honey. Enjoy immediately! 

Enjoy this very special autumn season. Even if it won't be what we had hoped, it can always be beautiful. And tell me how you like the idea of our very own seasonal beauty box! Please share your autumn must-haves too. Bisou Xx

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  1. Oh what a wonderful idea! I always love to read about beauty favourites <3

  2. There is always a feeling of fresh starts in fall! Love your beauty box!

  3. Merci, darling! Maybe I should talk more about the details, why they are my favorites, next time. But so happy you love it anyways. Bisou

  4. What a great idea! I love everything in your beauty box, love! I'll write an article soon about mine. x

    She Sweats Diamonds

  5. Absolutely! Thank you so much my love Xx

  6. Aww thank you so much Huong! I do love everything too and can't wait what will be in your box. Bisou Xx


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