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Ilive in a world of desire, wildness and hunger. All I ever wanted is to be devoured. In the progress of creating, to make sense of myself, obtain that everything I wanted to be was actually, real. I no longer want to keep silent on the path that I am on. I want to share the creative process of the sweetness I experience, along with the wild and all its influence. Longing. Blossoming. That ultimately will lead to what I want and what only ever was meant to be.

But I felt as if I needed to reevaluate my thoughts and feelings. After months and months of sitting still and trying to understand what is going on in the world, with myself and what the future holds, I've come to realize that if I wait to write until I am ready, all would remain silent, and we can't have that! Right now I am focusing on myself, falling in love with who I am and who I hope to be. Blossoming into a badass woman with more faith than fear. Letting all the months of waiting and aspiring breakthrough. And I couldn't help but wonder: 'Where will this experience take me if I just start blossoming?'. 'I have to try it for at least a year', I tell myself, and surrounded by the dreamy feeling that only Paris always sparked in me I entered a new chapter. It's enchanting to try to create something new and inspiring. For you. And especially for me. We may be stuck at home, but that doesn't mean we can't dream up the most fabulous season. Life still can be beautiful and spontaneous and surprising and romantic. Being able to see beauty in absolutely everything, we create magic within our own bubbles for now ..For some, it's the season to turn over a new leaf. A season for refashion and new beginnings. The surprise of seeing something bloom. But for me, it's a reminder, that everything can be new again.

Springtime: Reading 'Paris My Sweet' by Amy Thomas and re-watching 'The Nanny Named Fran'. Opening my visual diary, where I dream, observe and document everything that strikes me as fascinating, flavorful and fabulous. Serving beauty, fashion and life. Filling mason jars with stolen rose petals freshly picked from the garden, another day, another cake, and pizza quarantena. Scrolling the web for french heels in British online shops, blue eggs from silky chickens, vintage skirts and silk flower crowns. The most beautiful summer dresses. Raspberries, blackberries, peonies, piaget roses and french lavender for my very own secret garden. And spring cleaning the mansion in style, with a lovely ostrich feather duster, bien sûr ...

               - If this tale is meant to be, it will be.

I want to live with flowers and blossoms, smoke and sweetness. To be soft, gentle & kind. To continue to create, in whatever form. To be wild, and burn up with desire. But mostly to love, and working on being loved. Oui, I am eternally, hopefully romantic, and I thought people would see that because "romantic" doesn't mean just "sweet like honey". It can be dark and tormented yet fragile and soft. And I want you to be truly mesmerized by both visions I amplify. Living in a world of wild sweetness. Between black chiffon, smoke, heat, white lace and fallen rose petals, delicate textures, dawns soft light,  fading colors, sensual scents, elegance, class, chocolate swirls, meringue kisses, wildness, and hunger. Wandering between two worlds forevermore. A sweet escapism. To be devoured. Season by season.


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