Bonjour beautiful & welcome to the dreamiest blog of the www. I am Patricia Petit, the Berlin-based and seaside raised storyteller behind  » missvoguevoyage « who embodies an elegant European style while swishing through life in sexy stilettos. Or shabby chucks. 

oh, this is me missvv

I am my own muse. A creative. A lover. A dreamer. A fire sign. In love with lipstick & lingerie and possibly somewhere drinking rose petal tea ... 

Once upon a time, I've opened a window to something magical. My own little space of the www. An elegant world in black, white & soft rose, where I choose to create what I want when I want, how I want. Observe and document everything that strikes me as fascinating & fabulous. And start to write about the things I love. Or things I thought other people would love as well ...

Et Voilà! I finally do what I can do best. Filling the dreamiest blog with my passions. I create a world of elegance, softness, feminine beauty; share the love for modern retro design, music, cool outfits, luxury products, lots of glamorous photos. Visual poetry mixed with wittily written articles, everything mysterious, alluring, sweet, seductive & haunting. The most enchanting stories you could ever think of. And everything in between. I simply love sharing my petite treasures, creative ideas, and all the romantic, chic & chocolate coated stuff with those who'll cherish them. » missvoguevoyage «  the diary of a fashionable life.

Be enchanted by my little magical guide, dedicated to all things divine & follow me on a cakewalk that inspires, to enjoy a more exquisite life.

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