Sunday, September 1, 2019



I love the cold wind that sweeps through the city. Feels like autumn is dancing in the breeze. Golden leaves blowing down Berlin town. And I am twirling my freshly toned hair in anticipation of a fantastic new season. Studying all my favorite magazines' September issues that pile up from my bedside table to the ceiling, just to bury me under a glossy avalanche at any second.

Get your bronzed body on a jet back home from Mykonos, Monaco, or where else the summer breeze might have blown you, nourish your skin with a rose oil bubble bath, brush the last beach days out of your hair, and welcome glorious September fashion's official new year, in style! Swob your floral swimsuit for black leggings and some beautiful berry colored cashmere in preparation for what is just around the corner.

And those of you who know me, know how much I am obsessing year after year about autumn. For me, autumn is not only the years last, loveliest smile, but also the freshest start to all things new and exciting. 
New relationships, new jobs, new goals, new clothes, new looks all to begin to manifest in these very few months. Like the first day of school and that bouquet of freshly sharpened pink pencils. Pages turned unwritten. Quietly waiting to start writing down its story. All it takes is one fall breeze to blow burgundy leaves in still twirls against the bedroom windows ... 

Sax' tunes sizzling through dawn's soft light. And there's nothing snugglier then being home under a woolen blanket, my chilled hands wrapped around a steaming cup of chocolate chaudreading, dreaming, and writing: "Swishing through Paris." and "Writing!" to the list of things I absolutely want to do this season.

Aweee, thanks for reading, commenting & just being a huge part of this crazy journey.
I am forever grateful for each and every one of you.
Bisou. Bisou.

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