It feels like autumn came silently this year, wrapping up the last season with memories of blurring August.

And it seems like leaves aren't the only thing changing color this autumn. Inspired by nature, my blog mirrors the seasons. The chapter amber is very subtle but strong. Heavy, hazy, warm and adventurous. It's a magnificent chapter of transformation - letting go and moving on. The beginning of the end. Slowly transitioning from midsummer to autumn. And those of you who know me, know how much I am obsessing year after year about autumn. Obsessing about what I am going to wear this season. Obsessing about who I am going to be this season. It's not only the year's last, loveliest smile, but also the freshest start to all things new and exciting. New season, new dreams, new relationships, new goals, new clothes all begin to manifest in these very few months. We just might need to burst out of everything we've been holding onto, to fully embrace what's just around the corner.
September was filled with thorned brambles from the garden. October was sweet, dreamlike. November a wind of change. Autumn. Creating memories. A magical world. It's like the first day of school and that bouquet of freshly sharpened pink pencils. A sense of longing. Pages turned unwritten. Quietly waiting to start writing down its story. All it takes is one breeze to blow the new season in still twirls against the bedroom windows ... 

And I am twirling my freshly toned hair in anticipation of a fantastic new season. Devour all my favorite magazines' September issues that pile up on my coffee table, just fashionably waiting to topple over and bury me under a glossy avalanche. My advice: Nourish your bronzed body with a rose oil bubble bath, swap your beautiful bikini for seductive scents, black leggings and some beautiful colored cashmere and welcome the glorious season in style! Until then, bisou bisou!

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