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It's a cold New Year. One of those blurred mornings when your head is still cloudy. Enchanting silhouettes are fading with the breeze. Slow. We wanna stay in bed, soft duvets, dreaming, don't care about anything. Only getting up to make some tea. 

And I am feeling so excited for the new year and what’s to come. Honestly, is there anything better than spending some extra hours under the soft duvets on new year's day? Reflecting on the past twelve months. Just as any Bitch that's worth her Louboutins should be doing when the clock tick-tock tolled twelve. Nibbling the crispiest croissants in anticipation of all the possibilities ahead and sipping your favorite gourmet composition of Mariage Frère's deliciously flowery & fabulous white tea with Japanese cherry blossoms and pink rosebuds in Sleepers silky soft PJs.

It's romantic, beautiful, and mysterious. All at once. 

And isn't it amazing how much everything has changed in just one year yet nothing has really changed at all? The wonderful people who unexpectedly entered our lives. The memories we won't forget & the moments we wish we had. Even if nothing else, this past year has surely made me a little wiser. It has forced me to appreciate every little moment, dream, and re-evaluate my thoughts and feelings about who I am, what I’m happy with, what I am good at, and what I shall improve on. It may not seem like much, but it has been one of the most valuable experiences of my life so far. 

But why waste precious time daydreaming until your dreams come true. Jump out of bed, put on your most fabulous outfit, get a refreshing breeze of air, and write a new chapter. Just make sure you are the one holding the pen; while writing your story; 
Life is a giant canvas for your manifestations, dreams and desires. And to be honest, I think, every grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. It can make us do the craziest of things. And with your eyes wide open, effort, a lot of passion, creativity and a pinch of Tinkerbell dust, almost any dream can do come true ...

And sometimes a new dream starts with just a single word. Written with an enchanting ostrich feather pen.

All I ever dreamed of was to be an artist. I strived to be the creator of an otherworldly space of escapism. Made of mystery and inspiration. A place where you can unwind, indulge and escape in harmony. A place where I can dream and explore. A place where I can bloom. And I’m back at the place where it all began. Embracing the journey that I am on. The only thing with new beginnings is, that they require something else to end. Maybe you have to let go of who you were to nurture the most exciting, challenging, and significant storyline of all. Your own. It's not always about becoming a new you. It's more about acceptance and treating yourself with love and gratitude - And yes, I may have had a few beginnings and goodbyes within the last few years. Opened some doors, just to close them again. And in between those months, there were moments more vividly than NYE. September was filled with thorned brambles from the garden. December, a Parisienne dream. Now, pages turn unwritten. Quietly waiting to start writing down a story. And surrounded by the dreamy feeling that only Paris always sparked in me, I turned to the next page and entered a whole new chapter …

So, dear twenty-twenty-three, you've been full of changes and surely the beginning of many things to come. Thanks for the good times. And some of the bad.

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